Last time: Lady Celestine revealed she needed Tozo’s help to combat the spider plague.

Recommended reading: My good friend Ellen Lindner was recently nominated for an Ignatz award for her webcomic The Black Feather Falls. If you like a bit 1920s sleuthing then do give it a look. It’s beautifully drawn and an exciting read, and much deserves its recognition.


Last time: Lady Celestine began to explain why she had not gone back to Nova Venezia.

Lady C has flashbacks in a shade of light blue, apparently.

  • A quick thank you to the lovely people who take time to comment on the comic. Although I tend not to respond (unless there’s a specific question about something non-spoilery) I do read, take note and very much appreciate them, and the thought that goes into them.
  • I recently wrote an article on my personal wishlist as an exhibitor at comic conventions. It seemed to strike a chord with a number of people – if you’re interested you can read it here. I’m taking some time off from comic conventions so that I can enjoy being a comic consumer for a change.
  • Drew Weing has a Patreon set up for his fantastic Margot Maloo comic. I’m a massive fan of his work so would encourage you to support him if you can.


Last time: Tozo brought Lady Celestine to his mountain hide-away.

Recommended reading: Ben Costa, creator of one of my fave webcomics Shi Long Pang, has a new comic online in collaboration with James Parks: Rickety Stitch and the Gelatinous Goo. It’s a bit of fantasy fun – reminds me of Sfar and Trondheim’s Dungeon series a bit. I’m liking what I’ve seen so far.



Last time: Lords Pavlov and Kanis were granted an audience with the Spider Queen.

I’m selling off the last few copies of the print version of Tozo – The Public Servant over at my online shop at half price until the end of June. After these have gone, I won’t be printing any more copies, so this is  your last chance if you’ve ever been tempted. I’ll still sell the PDF and there’s always the online version of course. I’ve always intended to have a collected edition but that’s some way off for now.

Next time – back to Tozo!




Last time: the courtiers waited nervously for their queen’s arrival.

And here she is – about seven years after Tozo started , the Spider Queen finally makes her entrance!

I deliberately kept her hidden all this time, as mystery, rumour and reputation are powerful things. There’s nothing more frightening than what you don’t know. Of course, this risks a bit of anti-climax but I hope she’s still somewhat intimidating.

Recommended reading: speaking of fear of the unknown, have you seen Drew Weing‘s new-ish comic? Lovely stuff, as to be expected. It starts here.


Last time: A bell tolled, warning that the Spider Queen was on her way…

Recommended reading: if you’re a fan of ‘Golden Age’ comics, or need a bit of inspiration, there’s a website where you can download old comics that are in the public domain. Comic Book Plus is a very valuable resource and definitely worth a look.


Last time: Smiles and Rollo celebrated a new opportunity.

And we’re back at the Pyramid. A bit of banter between our two lords – I suspect they grudgingly respect each other.

If you’ve not seen it, io9 had a list of completed webcomics on its site yesterday. I’ve not heard of a lot of them so will be doing some reading, I think. Worth checking out.


Last time: Lord Pavlov arrived at the Black Pyramid.

We have a guest artist today! Matt Boyer, of the rather wonderful webcomic Running, has drawn his take on Smiles and Rollo. This episode is officially in-canon and we’ll be coming back to these fellows later!

Matt’s comic Running is about a boy called James who lives in a travelling robot with his grandma. Matt’s created a brilliant setting and some very likeable characters and I can’t wait to see what happens. It reminds me a bit of Jeff Smith’s Bone, probably because of the feisty grandma as much as anything else!

Matt is guesting as part of the Webcomic Artist Swap Project (W.A.S.P.), organised by Richy K. Chandler, where a bunch of webcomickers change places for the week. You can see my guest comic on Friday but you’ll have to check in at W.A.S.P. HQ to see where. It’s a chance for you to find out about some other great comics and creators out there, so do take a look.


We’ll return to Lord Pavlov tomorrow…