Last time: Lord Pavlov made contact with the Ombra Society.

It looks like everybody has an arrangement with Lady Magdalene. I wonder if she does bulk discounts?

Richard Bruton at the Forbidden Planet blog wrote a thoughtful review of  Tozo this week – thanks Richard! FP are the biggest comics retailer in the UK and their blog is always worth following for comics news, with a particularly welcome focus on the very strong  UK small press scene.

Recommmended reading: If you like 1940s-style comics with a bit of the whimsy of previously mentioned Zip and L’il Bit, you might like Jumbo deLuxe by Adrian Wallace. It’s been fun so far (and has robots, so it’s bound to be a winner).

Finally, I was very saddened to hear of the death of Kees Kousemaker, the owner of the Lambiek comic shop in Amsterdam and all-round comics evangelist. Not many people can claim to have received a knighthood for services to comics, and it was a just honour for someone who worked so hard to raise the profile of comics through his exhibitions and books. If you’re ever fortunate enough to be in Amsterdam, a visit to Lambiek and its treasures is a must. You can read more about Kees on the Comiclopedia (which Kees himself set up) at the Lambiek website.

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  1. Hi David!

    Thanks for recommending my comic to your readers. I’ve been following your comic for the last two years and I’ve really been enjoying it. Yours is one of a handful of comics which inspired me to return to making my own webcomic. I’m deeply honored by your kind words and wish you the best of luck for success with the continuation of Tozo’s adventures.

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