Last time: Klikker met a wanderer in the mountains.

Thanks so much for the ‘welcome back’ comments – it’s great to be doing this again, even if my updates are going to be a bit irregular.

Recommended reading: ASTRODOG by Paul Harrison-Davies. A beautifully crafted all-ages comic with a great character. Glad to see that Paul is going to collect it into a print version.

Also CARTOZIA TALES, an all-ages fantasy comic series, from a fantastic cast of independent comic creators. There’s a Kickstarter campaign to raise money for the series which is in its last few hours (if you’re reading this on Tuesday). They want to pay the contributors, something you rarely see in the indie comic world, so do please consider contributing, even though they’ve met their target.

4 thoughts to “2-002”

  1. If I didn’t know better, I’d say Tozo is living somewhere near the Apennine Mountains, somewhere along the length of Peninsular Italy.

  2. So Tozo is going the hermetic / survivalist route to get himself straightened out? Believable; he had the makings of an ascetic even before events overtook him.

    And now the consummate survivor and fellow exile the ex-Doge has come to pry him out of his contemplation… this should be interesting.

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