Last time: the courtiers waited nervously for their queen’s arrival.

And here she is – about seven years after Tozo started , the Spider Queen finally makes her entrance!

I deliberately kept her hidden all this time, as mystery, rumour and reputation are powerful things. There’s nothing more frightening than what you don’t know. Of course, this risks a bit of anti-climax but I hope she’s still somewhat intimidating.

Recommended reading: speaking of fear of the unknown, have you seen Drew Weing‘s new-ish comic? Lovely stuff, as to be expected. It starts here.

8 thoughts to “2-007”

  1. I was terrified she WOULD BE a giant spider like Shelob or Atlach Nacha!

    I’m rather relived that she isn’t and this is a classic and very 1930s sort of villainess. I can’t wait to see her weave her plots and schemes!

  2. At last, the Eternal Widow… Convincingly spooky, kind of a minimalist gothic; in keeping with what we’ve seen of the Empire so far.

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