5 thoughts to “2-010”

  1. Seeing bearded Tozo in profile like that… rather how I’d picture a young Captain Haddock.

    His and Klikker’s quarters *do* have a certain coziness to them; I don’t think the ex-Doge was being entirely sarcastic. Well, no more than she usually is to anyone.

  2. Other forces? You mean the Orange Phalanx and their secret masters, the Ombra Society? That Lady Magdalene must find the story’s factions as confusing and some readers do, because she’s planning to fix that problem. Fix it GOOD.

  3. I don’t know why Tozo ever showed Lady Celestine his private hiding place. I don’t trust her one iota. If her predecessor “fell off a balcony” I’m Alfred the Great.

  4. Hurrah another update! 🙂 also The Doge would make a pact with Lovecraftain Horrors to get back what’s hers so I wonder who her new allies might be…..?

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