Tozo by Warwick Johnson Cadwell

Klikker by Wynston Ross

Tozo and Klikker with Nathan and Emily from Jumbo deLuxe by Adrian Wallace.

Tozo surrounded by some formidable characters by David Goodman.

Tozo and Klikker by WJC (for a convention poster)

Pixel Klikker made by Mike Alonso from Perler beads.

Self-potrait of WJC observing my portrait of him…

by Warwick Johnson Cadwell

Tozo & Klikker by Garen Ewing

Tozo and Klikker vs the Ombra Society by Doug Frey (click for a larger version)

Ombra Society Pensioner by Sarah McIntyre

Borello (& Klikker) by Warwick Johnson Cadwell

Tozo & Klikker by Will Kirkby (used as a standee for a convention table)

The Doge’s dress re-designed by Sarah McIntyre

Tozo & Klikker at coffee by Sarah McIntyre

Tozo by Will Kirkby