Last time: Lady Celestine revealed she needed Tozo’s help to combat the spider plague.

Recommended reading: My good friend Ellen Lindner was recently nominated for an Ignatz award for her webcomic The Black Feather Falls. If you like a bit 1920s sleuthing then do give it a look. It’s beautifully drawn and an exciting read, and much deserves its recognition.


Last time: Lady Celestine began to explain why she had not gone back to Nova Venezia.

Lady C has flashbacks in a shade of light blue, apparently.

  • A quick thank you to the lovely people who take time to comment on the comic. Although I tend not to respond (unless there’s a specific question about something non-spoilery) I do read, take note and very much appreciate them, and the thought that goes into them.
  • I recently wrote an article on my personal wishlist as an exhibitor at comic conventions. It seemed to strike a chord with a number of people – if you’re interested you can read it here. I’m taking some time off from comic conventions so that I can enjoy being a comic consumer for a change.
  • Drew Weing has a Patreon set up for his fantastic Margot Maloo comic. I’m a massive fan of his work so would encourage you to support him if you can.


Last time: Tozo brought Lady Celestine to his mountain hide-away.

Recommended reading: Ben Costa, creator of one of my fave webcomics Shi Long Pang, has a new comic online in collaboration with James Parks: Rickety Stitch and the Gelatinous Goo. It’s a bit of fantasy fun – reminds me of Sfar and Trondheim’s Dungeon series a bit. I’m liking what I’ve seen so far.



Last time: Lady Celestine enquired after Tozo’s health.

In the words of Granny Weatherwax from Sir Terry Pratchett’s brilliant Discworld series: I Aten’t Dead.

To be truthful, I probably restarted Tozo when I wasn’t actually ready, but I’d picked the restart date and so I stuck to it, and then became unstuck rather spectacularly. Apologies for the long absence.

Anyway: here, finally, is Tozo. He’s looking a bit weather-beaten, as we’ve all been recently, at least in this part of the world. Next time we get to see something of the Spider Empire. I’ve been looking forward to drawing these next few pages for (literally) years…

Chapter 2 Page 2


Chapter 2 Page 2

Last time: Klikker met a wanderer in the mountains.

Thanks so much for the ‘welcome back’ comments – it’s great to be doing this again, even if my updates are going to be a bit irregular.

Recommended reading: ASTRODOG by Paul Harrison-Davies. A beautifully crafted all-ages comic with a great character. Glad to see that Paul is going to collect it into a print version.

Also CARTOZIA TALES, an all-ages fantasy comic series, from a fantastic cast of independent comic creators. There’s a Kickstarter campaign to raise money for the series which is in its last few hours (if you’re reading this on Tuesday). They want to pay the contributors, something you rarely see in the indie comic world, so do please consider contributing, even though they’ve met their target.


And so Tozo and Klikker go quietly on to new adventures…

Dear Tozo readers and friends,

You’ll see the little yellow box with THE END so dramatically displayed at the bottom of this strip. And yes, this is the end for Chapter 5 and the end for Tozo – The Public Servant. However, it is not the end of Tozo’s story.

For the past five years, Tozo has been a major part of my weekly routine and I’ve loved every second of it. I never thought I would actually make it this far! I’ve enjoyed telling the story and bringing Tozo’s world to life. I’ve been thrilled that there are readers who have wanted to read the tale and have kept with it over the years, in spite of its sedate pace and the occasional irregular postings. I’ve treasured the comments and emails, and meeting readers at conventions. Thank you all so much for your kind words, patience and just plain friendliness.

But, like Tozo, I’m in need of a break. A chance to recharge, practice my craft, and do other, different things. I’ve been fortunate that – through some of the people I’ve met from drawing comics like Tozo – I’ve found myself with some opportunities that I’d like to explore. Not comics, necessarily, but other creative endeavours. And so I’m going to put Tozo to one side for a while: the end of this arc feels like a sensible, timely place, without leaving Tozo, or the reader, in too much limbo.

I’m not going to use the dreaded ‘hiatus’ word that has developed such a sense of finality about it when applied to webcomics. Tozo’s story is one I’ve had with me for years and I am determined to tell it. So I invite you to join me again after a-year-and-a-bit of holiday for the start of Tozo – the Empire of the SpiderIt all kicks off on Wednesday September 4th 2013.

The website will stay up, although I will be giving it the long-needed overhaul at some stage. I’ll also be posting when the print version of Chapter 5 becomes available (early autumn), as well as the collected edition, so do add Tozo to your RSS feeds if you haven’t already. If you like, send an email to tozocomic at gmail dot com with the subject ‘mailing list’ and I’ll send out an email reminder when the time comes. If you’d like to keep in touch with what I’m up to in the meantime, feel free to follow my blog at http://scribblehound.com.

Thank you once again for reading and I hope to see you back here in a year’s time.

With very best wishes,